Linda Valley Senior Living Visted by Loma Linda Mayor

The 2017 Legislative Session may be over, but as we wait to hear about which bills will be signed and vetoed by the Governor, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Rather, it is the perfect time to invite your elected official to visit your community. CALA has this handy instruction manual to help you do so, and many of our members have shown over the years how important these visits are to maintaining strong relationships with local leaders and policymakers.

Chancellor Health Care is one such provider member. In November of 2015, we shared about the visit Senator Jim Nielsen made to Revere Court, a Chancellor community. Now, they are taking advantage of the season once again by recently hosting Loma Linda Mayor, Dr. Rhodes Rigsby, at Linda Valley Senior Living.

Mayor Rigsby (left), enjoyed meeting residents and staff, including Veronica Zuluaga (right), Executive Director of Linda Valley Villas, Linda Valley Senior Living’s independent living community.

Mayor Rigsby met with the community’s Executive Director as well as Chancellor’s Regional Director of Operations and Chairman & CEO. He then gave a talk to a room of about 60 residents and staff. Those in attendance appreciated that he was cordial and generous with his time.

The residents and staff of Linda Valley Senior Living appreciated how generous Mayor Rigsby was with his time.

Now’s your chance…use CALA’s handy resources to draft an invitation to your mayor or legislator. Then, tell us how the visit went…we can’t wait to celebrate your event here on the blog!


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