Assisted Living Week 2017

This week is Assisted Living Week, when communities across the country are raising awareness of this model of care and its benefits to residents, team members, families, and the community-at-large. Each year, many CALA members take the opportunity to celebrate throughout the week and we have had the pleasure of featuring many of their activities here on the blog.

Earlier this year, we challenged our members and supporters to share Assisted Living, Memory Care, and CCRCs with new audiences; attract and develop exceptional team members; and build connections in support of a quality resident experience. We gathered these challenges under the theme of Engage, and there is no better time to achieve these goals than during Assisted Living Week.

In fact, in looking back at what our members have done over the years during Assisted Living Week, we found that they have been engaging with their greater communities all along.

Share Assisted Living, Memory Care, and CCRCs with New Audiences

Memories of Mt. Diablo, Lakeside ParkIn 2013, Lakeside Park helped to educate the general public and other groups about their services by hosting a Fireman’s Brunch and participating in CALA’s California Inspires! Resident Art Show. The art show reached both legislators at the State Capitol as well as members of the public visiting the State Capitol building. Click here to learn more about the art show.


Attract and Develop Exceptional Team Members

Crazy Hat Contest at Sunrise Assisted Living of Fair Oaks, Assisted Living Week 2012In 2012, Sunrise of Fair Oaks used the entire Assisted Living Week to express gratitude towards the community’s exceptional employees. In addition to parties, costume contests, and delicious treats, employees received recognition for their length of service. Some had been working at the community for over 10 years…now that’s dedication!

Build Connection in Support of a Quality Resident Experience

In 2015, Claremont Place drew on the connections in their network to provide a week of sensory experience for residents. Whether they were participating in a chocolate-making session that included a lecture on the sweet treat’s health benefits or enjoying a “Paint & Sip” event, complete with bubbly beverages, residents came away from Assisted Living Week refreshed and engaged.


After looking back at the wonderful events our members have done in the past, we can’t wait to hear from you about this year! Share your events in the comments below or on CALA’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


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