CALA Members at the Forefront of Tracking and Reducing Antipsychotic Use in Residents with Dementia

News from the CALA OfficeCALA is pleased to announce the launch of the Toolkit for Reducing Antipsychotic Use, a new resource exclusively for members to track usage of antipsychotic medications among residents living with dementia and implement non-pharmacological interventions to address their needs.

The use of antipsychotic medications as a way to manage behavioral symptoms in persons with dementia has received state and national attention. While staff at Assisted Living and Memory Care communities in California are not authorized to prescribe medications or to withhold lawfully prescribed medications, they can monitor usage and partner with residents, family members, and health care providers to determine the best and safest ways to manage the behavioral symptoms of dementia.

Recognizing the need for a tool to help achieve these goals, CALA formed the Antipsychotic Workgroup in 2016. The group was made up of volunteers—including nurses, dementia care specialists, gerontologists, and operations and public policy experts—from both provider and associate member companies. The result was the Toolkit for Reducing Antipsychotic Use.

CALA members are often at the forefront of innovation and quality in the senior housing and services field, including memory care. According to a recent survey, 90% of family members of residents living with dementia were satisfied with the quality of life their loved one had in CALA-member communities, and 94% said “My loved one is in the right place for them.”

And the dedication of CALA members to quality care continues with this initiative. As members implement tracking methods, incorporate non-pharmacological interventions, and educate family members and health care providers, we expect the instances of usage among residents living with dementia to drop while at the same time the high quality of life our residents enjoy will be maintained.

CALA members can download the toolkit here. Not a member, but interested in accessing this tool? Learn about membership and join CALA today!


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