CALA’s 2017 Advocacy Day

To care for residents requires both an energetic nature and a strong sense of purpose. Those are the same elements that make an effective advocate. As members gathered together last week at CALA’s 2017 Advocacy Day, the room was filled with the same purposeful and energized nature that our members bring to the service they provide for residents each day.

“I enjoyed meeting with colleagues and coming together to talk about what we do and what we need from the government.” – Event Attendee

Heather Harrison, CALA’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Public Affairs, and Erin Levi, CALA’s lobbyist, briefed attendees on pending legislation with CALA members and helped them prepare for discussions.

“I found that the CALA Issue Briefing was very informative, as it prepared me and my peers to speak intelligently regarding CALA’s position on the bills at hand.” – Event attendee

150 CALA members then brought their energy and dedication to the State Capitol to share with 90 legislative offices, informing lawmakers about the real concerns and needs of providers and residents.

“I enjoy the legislative visits and getting to tell our story and promote CALA.” – Event attendee

In the afternoon, we honored Richard Ensley with Atria Covell Gardens as Advocate of the Year. His relationship-building and advocacy efforts in 2016 were unparalleled, including hosting legislators and staffers at his community four times throughout the year.

“I feel like I am making a difference in Assisted Living.” -Event attendee

The event was capped by a presentation from from Susan DeMarios, State Policy Director of the Alzheimer’s Association. She spoke about the policy and politics of Alzheimer’s, and what the Alzheimer’s Association is doing at the state and national level to advocate for individuals living with the diesase.

“Susan’s presentation was very informative.” “Good conversation. Great facts about Alzheimer’s!” – Event attendees

Thank you to all the attendees who made this Advocacy Day a successful one. We are honored that you came together as a strong and unified representation of Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities throughout the state.

“I will never forget today. I feel so honored to be here.” – Event attendee

CALA members: if you want to continue to be an Advocate, save the date for Day in Your District—July 19th, 2017—and learn about other ways to get involved.


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