Emergency Preparedness Tips from CALA Members

emergency preparednessThis winter, California has been pummeled by storms, leading Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency in 50 counties. Here in Sacramento, where the CALA offices are housed, we have seen more than our share of downed trees, and the Sacramento River hasn’t been this high since the flood of 1997.

Thankfully, CALA members are prepared year-round for emergency situations. Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs), which encompass Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, are required by law to have disaster preparedness plans in place, and CALA encourages its members to regularly review these plans to ensure everyone in the community knows how to respond in an emergency situation.

Is your RCFE looking to update its disaster preparedness plan? CALA members have created a list of tips just for you. This list includes tips on evacuation procedures, emergency drills, staff organization, and resident involvement. Here are just a few, and how they translated to real life:

CALA members can access other tips and resources for updating their disaster plans on our Disaster Preparedness webpage. Thank you to the providers creating safe homes for California’s residents…while we cannot predict when disasters will occur, we can make sure that we’re prepared.


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