Engage 2017

2016 was an aspirational year. Together with our members, we Aspired to look forward to the future we are creating for our residents, explore new ways of delivering quality care, and celebrate what has always made us great. These aspirations were showcased in CALA’s publications, including this blog, during educational sessions at CALA’s events, and on our social media platforms.

Now that we have taken a look at the exciting future we are creating for our residents, we find that 2017 is the perfect year to spread this message to others.

engage-2017This year’s theme, Engage, challenges our members and supporters to share Assisted Living, Memory Care, and CCRCs with new audiences; attract and develop exceptional team members; and build connections in support of a quality resident experience.

We hope you join in on all the opportunities for engagement we have planned for this year…make sure you don’t miss out by following CALA’s Facebook and Twitter pages, bookmarking CALA’s website, and subscribing to this blog.


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