Groundbreaking Study Shows Positive Impact of Assisted Living on Seniors’ Quality of Life

slider-resident-surveyProMatura, a global market research firm, has concluded a first-of-its-kind study of Assisted Living residents and family members that details the impact this popular care model is having on the lives of California’s seniors.

“This study is key to our understanding of how residents are benefitting from the Assisted Living environment as they enter a new phase of life,” said Dr. Margaret Wylde, PhD, ProMatura’s President and CEO. “What we know is that the factors that influence quality of life don’t change over time. The setting may change but what people need for emotional well-being remains the same. Significantly, the study makes it clear that, even as residents face the physical challenges of aging, they can—and do—enjoy a good quality of life when they feel safe, have control in their lives, are recognized and part of a caring community.”

The study, commissioned by CALA, was based on responses to questions that were identity- and life-based rather than event-based. Questions were designed to determine whether residents felt a sense of belonging, and whether or not they experienced a sense of control over their lives. Belonging and control, according to researchers, create the most telling picture of the role Assisted living is playing in a senior’s quality of life. The results were compiled during February 2016 from 8,312 California Assisted Living resident and family members, representing 228 CALA-member communities ranging in size from less than 50 units to more than 125 units.

“This study reveals the positive impact that California Assisted Living and Memory Care communities are having in the lives of residents,” said Sally Michael, CALA President. “While Assisted Living was once thought of primarily as a way for residents to get help with the physical aspects of aging, it is clear that Assisted Living and Memory Care communities are not only meeting day-to-day needs but significantly contributing to quality of life. We are so proud of the positive contributions our member communities are making in the lives of California’s seniors.”

Click here to read the full report, or click here to read summaries for Assisted Living and Memory Care.


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