David Logan, Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Fall Conference & Trade Show


From cult classics like Back to the Future to recent sci fi blockbusters like Interstellar, the motif of time travel has always held fascination. There’s a reason for that…who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go back and change our future for the better? But what if there’s a way to make those changes without traveling through time?

During the Monday general session at CALA’s Fall Conference & Trade Show, David Logan will take us on a journey through space and time to share how people actively bring about what they expect, even if what they expect isn’t what they want. He will reveal how most stories of dramatic change begin by leaders articulating what’s likely to happen in a way that inspires themselves and others to behave differently, to get to a better outcome.

Join David Logan for an interactive exploration of what’s likely to happen in Senior Living and how we can “rewrite the future” to get to what we want…register now for the Fall Conference & Trade Show.


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