Plan Now for Assisted Living Week

Assisted Living Week—which starts on Grandparents Day each year—is the perfect time for communities across the country to raise awareness of Assisted Living services and honor members of their community. This year, Assisted Living Week is September 11-17. Have you started planning yet?

summer deals!CALA’s 2016 theme, Aspire, has challenged us to look forward to the future we are creating for our residents, explore new ways of delivering quality care, and celebrate what has always made us great. For Assisted Living Week, we encourage you to do the same with your residents and community members. Here are some ways you can take a look forward, celebrate what makes your residents unique, and get excited for the future of your community:

  • Involved in a pilot program through Aging 2.0 or another partnership? Invite members of the local community for a showcase of the new technologies you’re using to innovate senior living.
  • Invite your legislator to visit your community and speak with residents and employees about this groundbreaking election year.
  • Honor the next Assisted Living leaders by holding a celebratory breakfast or ice cream social for student volunteers, interns, and new employees.
  • Make Grandparents Day truly intergenerational…invite the children and grandchildren of residents and employees for a community-wide story time. Use the StoryCorps App to capture the stories residents share.
  • Have a creative writing group or art class? Give them this prompt and submit the results to The Creative View:

What will your community/California/the United States/the world look like in the year 2116?

However you decide to commemorate Assisted Living Week, promote it! Use CALA’s press release template to inform local media. Read these tips on telling your good news stories via social media. Finally, tell CALA what you have planned…and take pictures! Your event may be featured here on the CALA blog.


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