Vintage Coventry Residents and Employees Give Time, Support to San Franciscans

During this time of year, as we gather and celebrate with family and friends, it is apt to reflect on the idea of “community” and the ways in which we create and sustain them. Those that live and work in Assisted Living are naturally members of that particular community, but when they reach beyond to connect with fellow citizens, leaders, and members of their community-at-large—whether it be a rural area, small town, city, or beyond—that’s when true community is created.

Vintage Coventry is one example of an Assisted Living provider redefining the boundaries of their community. Earlier this month, residents hosted Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) for a lively discussion. Executive Director Alan Fox says, “Our residents enjoyed meeting him and discussing some current issues affecting seniors in San Francisco, especially pedestrian safety.”

Assm David Chiu meeting with Vintage Coventry Residents

Assemblymember Chiu and Vintage Coventry residents discuss issues affecting seniors in San Francisco.

And last week, Vintage Coventry staff members volunteered their time to help provide a happy Thanksgiving for vulnerable members of the community. According to Fox, “A crew from Vintage Coventry volunteered at Glide Memorial Church helping to prepare and serve meals to San Francisco’s needy. Thanks to Activity Director Norma Portillo for organizing this annual event!”

vintage coventry volunteer staff members

Executive Director Fox (left), Activity Director Portillo (second from right) and Vintage Coventry staff members volunteer at Glide Memorial Church.

If you’d like to learn more about how Assisted Living communities connect with and sustain their communities-at-large, read this back issue of CALA News & Views. How are your residents and employees giving back this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.


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