Advocates in Action: Give a Voice of Assisted Living Presentation

Each legislative session, conversations are happening and decisions are being made that affect your communities, your employees, and your residents. Beginning in 2016, CALA members will be a crucial part of those conversations when they sign up for the Advocates in Actiona dynamic movement to advance Assisted Living for the senior Californians of today and tomorrow.

advocates-action-logoWhile some of the action items our Advocates in Action commit to are familiar, others may be less so. But that doesn’t mean they’re any harder or less important.

Giving a Voice of Assisted Living Presentation

Providers know through personal experience the benefits that Assisted Living can provide. But being faced with the task of educating the general public on these benefits can be daunting. Who do you talk to? What do you say? How do you find opportunities to speak when you’re already busy with daily life?

The Advocates in Action program helps participants overcome these barriers. Participants will receive emails with the contact information for local civic groups, such as Rotary Clubs or Chambers of Commerce. And CALA’s Voice of Assisted Living series of prewritten speeches and Powerpoint presentations will provide you with the content.

One of CALA’s 2014 Advocates of the Year, Mark Cimino used the Voice of Assisted Living materials at events and meetings throughout the year, including panel sessions and lectures at conferences and presentations at area schools. Of all these events, Cimino wrote that his most gratifying has been the mentorship of four students at Mesa Verde High School.

The mentorship provided Mark the opportunity to spend a lot of time in direct education with the students, sharing with them all aspects of business management and the Assisted Living world. The students found the experience just as meaningful, as indicated by this thank you letter:

Dear Mr. Cimino

Join the Advocates in Action!

By signing up, you will receive monthly emails with action items, resources, and helpful tips…all the tools you need to be an effective advocate. You’ll also have access to CALA staff who will answer questions, provide assistance—for instance, helping you follow up on invitations to legislative offices—and celebrate your successes. We’re making it easier than ever to advocate for Assisted Living…join the Advocates in Action today!


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