Advocates in Action: Touring a Legislative Staffer

Each legislative session, conversations are happening and decisions are being made that affect your communities, your employees, and your residents. Beginning in 2016, CALA members will be a crucial part of those conversations when they sign up for the Advocates in Actiona dynamic movement to advance Assisted Living for the senior Californians of today and tomorrow.

advocates-action-logoWhile some of the action items our Advocates in Action commit to are familiar, others may be less so. But that doesn’t mean they’re any harder or less important.

Touring a Legislator

It may be daunting to consider inviting your Assemblymember or state Senator to visit your community. After all, their schedules are often full; you have to remember to follow up with the scheduler on your invitation, and even then, the legislator may not be available.

But, did you know that it’s just as important to build relationships with legislative staffers? These individuals are often able to tour a community or attend an event, even if the legislator is unavailable. They are often the first point of contact with constituents like yourselves, they may advise legislators on bills and other issues of interest, and many of them go on to run for office in the future!

jose medina tyler staff

Left to Right: Kathy Franco, Tyler from Jose Medina’s office, Ruthie Daniel with Raincross at Riverside.

Earlier this year, Kathy Franco, executive director of Raincross at Riverside, toured a member of Assemblymember Jose Medina’s (D-Riverside) office. She says, “We had a wonderful time. Tyler has a grandfather in Assisted Living. He learned a lot today about what we do, and he engaged in a nice long conversation with one of the residents.”

This visit builds on the strong relationship built with the Assemblymember’s office over time. By opening doors to both legislators and their staffers, CALA members like Kathy are ensuring that those relationships stay strong, year after year.

Join the Advocates in Action!

By signing up, you will receive monthly emails with action items, resources, and helpful tips…all the tools you need to be an effective advocate. You’ll also have access to CALA staff who will answer questions, provide assistance—for instance, helping you follow up on invitations to legislative offices—and celebrate your successes. We’re making it easier than ever to advocate for Assisted Living…join the Advocates in Action today!


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