A Preview of CALA’s 2015 Fall Conference & Trade Show

What does it mean to be Stronger by the Member? The 2015 Fall Conference & Trade Show will certainly show strength in numbers:

#CALA2015 (10)

But we’ll show our strength in other ways as well:

We Will Focus on Success

Whether we were refining our vision of staff excellence in Hiring and Developing Leaders or revising our marketing and messaging in The Secrets to Effective Sales Outreach, we will leave Monday’s intensive sessions with a finer focus on what we need to do to develop and promote high-quality services.

We Will Envision the Future

What does the future of work look like, and how can we best prepare for it? On Monday, Dr. Tracey Wilen will reveal the current forces that impact work and how to remain relevant and employable for life. And on Wedensday, Christopher Ridenhour will share what it takes to strike a balance between technological efficiency and person-centered care and services. Attendees will even offer up their own predictions on the Assisted Living tech of the future through the CALA Events app.

We Will Honor Individuality

Assisted Living is all about serving the needs of the individual, and many of the concurrent sessions will reflect that mission. From sessions on innovative culinary, horticultural, and intergenerational programming, to the promotional strategies explored in marketing sessions, to a session especially for associate members and exhibitors, the education offered will celebrate what makes our communities and companies unique.

We Will Embrace Complexity

Many of the sessions will examine complex issues in the senior living field and what we can do to prepare. Attendees will get a first-hand view at advances in dementia research, wound care, and technology; and compliance with new laws will be a hot topic in policy and legal sessions, as well as during Tuesday’s general session, Discussions with CCLD.

We Will Welcome Student Leaders

We are excited to have 15 recipients of CALA’s Student Scholarship joining us at the Conference & Trade Show. These student leaders, representing nine universities in California and Washington, will take advantage of the many educational and networking opportunities offered and learn more about Assisted Living as an exciting career option.


We Will Build Relationships

Whether we are networking with colleagues and exhibitors at the Wine Tasting and Trade Show Lunch, building connections during the educational sessions, or celebrating our shared accomplishments at the 20th Anniversary Party on Tuesday night, we will seize the opportunity to grow and strengthen our community of dedicated, caring Assisted Living professionals, and carry this Stronger by the Member spirit back to our communities and our residents.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors:

ActivCare Living: Lanyards

A-Z Bus Sales: Room Keys

CAN Mobilities: Conference App

Care and Compliance Group, Inc.: Computer Corner

Douglas Pancake Architects: Name Badges

Ecologically Sound Medical Services: 1st Cocktail, Tuesday Night Event

Hanson Bridgett: Trade Show Luncheon

HPSI Purchasing Services: On-Site Conference Program

iCareManager: Tuesday Continental Breakfast

PointClickCare: Luncheon Speaker

Primo Solutions: The Art of Listening & Lessons Learned from Touring Senior Living Communities sessions

Propel Insurance: Tote Bags

Sandi Flores Consulting Group: Keynote Speaker

Don’t want to miss this amazing event? Register now! Online registration will close on Friday; however, on-site registration will be available. Visit the CALA Registration Desk during the Conference & Trade Show, 10/19-21, for more info.


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