Assisted Living Week 2015: Las Villas Del Norte Gets Creative, Fulfills Dreams

assisted living week 1

Assisted Living Week—which starts on Grandparents Day each year—is the perfect time for communities across the country to raise awareness of Assisted Living services and honor members of their community. This year, Assisted Living communities throughout California marked the past, present, and future by taking a look back at happy memories, celebrating what makes their residents unique, and getting excited for the future of their communities.


This year’s Assisted Living Week at Las Villas Del Norte was full of activities that celebrated the unique histories and talents of its residents. According to Amanda Siphonekham, Healthy Lifestyles Director at Las Villas Del Norte, Tuesday was a particularly memorable day for one resident…Bill received his Second Wind Dream on that day.

las villas del norte3Amanda shares that Bill was a pilot in the Air Force. He then joined the Federal Aviation Administration as an air traffic controller. Eventually, he was in charge of automating all traffic controls at Miramar, San Diego. It’s no wonder, then, that this aviator’s dream was to visit the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

las villas del norte4According to Amanda, he toured reproductions of aircraft from the Early Flight, WWI, and WWII galleries. She says, “The high point of the day was when he got on the Motion Simulator. Bold, brave, and thrilled are just a few words to describe Bill when he maneuvered the plane during the simulation. Smiling and winking for picture time, Bill twinkled all the way.”

las villas del norte1

On Thursday, residents and staff celebrated Assisted Living Week with a wine & painting event called Memories in the Making®. According to the Alzheimer’s Association:

Memories in the Making®, introduced in 1988, is the signature art program of the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter. It is a unique program that allows persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia to express themselves through art. During the creative process of painting, these individuals speak to us, offering us the essence of themselves. The art they produce is a tangible means of expression, which speaks to families, professional caregivers and to the public.

las villas del norte2Amanda shares, “My staff and I are certified by the Alzheimer’s Association to teach the class. Some of the finished paintings are submitted for auction to fundraise for the Association. What a great program we have here at Las Villas Del Norte!”

Thank you to the Assisted Living providers across the state who offer a valuable service to California’s seniors and make their lives better every day. How did you celebrate Assisted Living Week in your community?


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