Stronger by the Member: BayView Senior Assisted Living

CALA-20 years

Throughout 2015, CALA will celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a year-long event known as “Stronger by the Member.”

Here on the blog, we will be profiling the Assisted Living provider members that make up the foundation of our association and represent the wide range of choice and quality of care available to California’s seniors. Please meet the next in this series:

BayView Senior Assisted Living*

1. What are the most important things we should know about your company?

BayView Senior Assisted Living is a boutique Assisted Living home located in the beautiful coastal community of Point Loma, San Diego. BayView is dedicated to offering gentle, individualized care and support services for seniors while improving the physical, social, and spiritual capacity of their lives. Our innately authentic and genuine caregivers offer unparalleled service to our residents in a uniquely comforting atmosphere.

2. Tell us briefly about your community’s history

BayView Senior Assisted Living was a convent to the neighboring Catholic Church from 1947 to 1975. It then became an RCFE and remains so to this day. We are a niche community with 17 beds, and can serve those with memory care needs.

3. When and why did your community become involved in CALA?

Networking, staying informed, learning about industry changes and initiatives, and meeting great people!

4. What tools or resources do you find most valuable as a CALA member?

The events and the information provided on legislation.

5. What is your favorite thing about CALA events?

The networking with like-minded, exceptional people.

Learn more about this member:

BayView Senior Assisted Living

BayView Senior Assisted Living on Facebook

*With thanks to Jeffrey Settineri with BayView Senior Assisted Living


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