RSVP for CALA’s 2015 Day in Your District

Assisted Living advocacy is crucial. Though Assisted Living has existed for decades as a model of care, many still don’t understand how it differs from other senior housing options or where it fits into the continuum of long-term care. Assisted Living advocacy helps to ensure that this model is recognized as a necessary part of long-term care, as well as a provider of valuable services to California’s older population.

As an expert in the field, you have the power to educate your legislators and fellow citizens about what Assisted Living is and how it benefits the lives of your residents. CALA provides many opportunities for members to build these valuable relationships with legislators and policymakers.

CALA Day in Your District 2014

2014 Day in Your District

Registrations are now open for the next CALA advocacy event: Day in Your District. This event is an opportunity to:

  • Educate legislators and staffers about the Assisted Living model of care
  • Cultivate relationships at the local level
  • Promote yourself as a constituent who is an expert in aging issues
  • Invite your legislator or staffer to visit your community
CALA Day in Your District 2014

2014 Day in Your District

Each member who RSVPs will meet with one district office on July 30, 2015. District offices are usually within driving distance. CALA organizes the meetings, briefs participants on talking points, and provides details for the day. This members-only event* is free of charge.

CALA Day in Your District 2014

2014 Day in Your District

If you would like to become more involved in Assisted Living advocacy, register now for Day in Your District. You can also invite a legislator to your community, download a Voice of Assisted Living presentation to use at a community event, and make sure CALA’s policy staff has your contact info for bill alerts. And, most important, let us know about what you’re doing. Your story could be featured on this blog, inspiring others to get involved too!

*Want to be a part of Day in Your District? Learn about CALA membership and join today!

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