Mark Allen, Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Spring Conference & Trade Show


Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man may fill seats at the movie theater, but a different kind of “Ironman” will be Monday’s keynote speaker at CALA’s  2015 Spring Conference & Trade Show.

The Ironman Triathlon of Hawaii, believed to be the most difficult one-day sporting event in the world, starts with a 2.4-mile ocean swim, followed by 112 miles of cycling, and finishes with a 26.2-mile marathon.

After his first six attempts at the event, where casualties ranged from flat tires to internal bleeding, Mark Allen allowed each defeat to galvanize his commitment to fulfilling his dream of becoming the Ironman Champion. On his seventh attempt, Mark won.

He then went on to win a total of six Ironman titles in six attempts. He completed a 15-year career in the world of elite athletics with a 90% top-three finish record. He was named “Triathlete of the Year” six times, and in 2012, was voted “The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time” in a worldwide poll conducted by ESPN.

Make sure you’re in the room to learn about The Art of Ironman Success from this inspiring athlete and speaker…register now for the Spring Conference & Trade Show.


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