Jane Fonda’s TED Talk Reveals the Power of Aging Women

This month is Women’s History Month, and we’re encouraging Assisted Living providers throughout the state to celebrate the amazing lives of the women who live in their communities and carry the experience of significant historical moments with them.

In the conclusion of her 2011 TED Talk on Life’s Third Act, Jane Fonda speaks to the power of aging women, both in looking back and looking forward:

Women start off whole, don’t we? I mean, as girls, we start off feisty—”Yeah, who says?” We have agency. We are the subjects of our own lives. But very often, many, if not most of us, when we hit puberty, we start worrying about fitting in and being popular. And we become the subjects and objects of other people’s lives. But now, in our third acts, it may be possible for us to circle back to where we started and know it for the first time. And if we can do that, it will not just be for ourselves. Older women are the largest demographic in the world. If we can go back and redefine ourselves and become whole, this will create a cultural shift in the world, and it will give an example to younger generations so that they can reconceive their own lifespan.

Take a few minutes this week to watch the complete video, or share it with your team members and residents. How are you celebrating Women’s History Month in your community? Share with us in the comments below!


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