CALA Members Offered Exclusive Scholarship to Attend USC’s Davis School of Gerontology

News from the CALA OfficeFor the second year in a row, members of the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) are eligible to apply for an exclusive scholarship at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Davis School of Gerontology. CALA President Sally Michael says, “We’re thrilled that USC has made a commitment to support CALA members in their ongoing pursuit of providing excellent care and service to California’s assisted living residents.”

One scholarship a year is offered to an eligible CALA member. The scholarship covers tuition costs for one of five graduate degree programs which complement members’ current work experience and give them the opportunity to advance in their long-term care careers. Degrees can be completed either in-person or online. This flexibility is built into the scholarship program so that all members, regardless of location or work schedule, can be eligible.

The USC scholarship came about as a result of relationship-building with USC’s faculty, a primary function of CALA’s Workforce Development Committee. The committee’s relationships with other universities throughout the state give providers access to a well-educated, diverse pool of potential interns and employees. Other benefits of the committee’s work include an internship partnership with San Francisco State University’s Gerontology program and a scholarship program for current students to attend CALA Conference & Trade Shows.


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