CALA Supports 2015 Efforts to Resume Annual RCFE Inspections

News from the CALA OfficeThe California Assisted Living Association (CALA) announced today that it supports both the Governor’s 2015-16 budget proposal and AB 74 (Calderon) as part of its commitment to securing annual inspections for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs).

The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) budget proposal outlines a plan to increase licensing inspections beginning in 2017, reaching annual inspections for RCFEs by 2019. In addition, the proposal restores $3 million in general fund dollars to create 28.5 new positions as a way to eliminate the backlog of complaint investigations and expand training and technical support.

According to Sally Michael, CALA President, “CALA applauds the Governor for his continued focus on strengthening the underlying structure of CCLD through the 2015-16 budget proposal. These enhancements, coupled with the significant investment and structural changes in last year’s budget and legislation, are extremely positive and promise to deliver the quality oversight Californians expect.”

If passed, AB 74 (Calderon) would achieve annual inspections for all community care facilities, RCFEs, child day care centers and family day care homes by July 1, 2018, six months earlier than the Governor’s proposal. Michael says, “Assemblymember Ian Calderon is continuing to lead the effort in the legislature to phase in annual inspections for all CCLD licensure categories. Regular inspections add to the system’s integrity, promote public confidence, and demonstrate the overall compliance within this model of care. CALA will continue to advocate for a rapid return to annual inspections.”

A similar bill authored by Assemblymember Calderon in 2014 (AB 1454) would have increased licensing inspections to an annual basis for all CCLD licensure categories. The bill failed in Senate Appropriations.


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