Senator Joel Anderson Honors Resident Artist

It’s been a year and a half since CALA hosted the California Inspires! Resident Art Show at the State Capitol, but people across the state continue to be inspired by the works of these senior artists.

Senator Joel Anderson, who recognized artist Jeane Ambrose on the Senate floor in 2013, again honored her at her home in Atria Vintage Hills last October. According to an article in the Valley News, “Senator Anderson visited the senior living community on October 13 to honor incredible artist Jeane Ambrose, 90, who is thriving in her new passion of painting.”

Atria Vintage Hills Resident Artist

Jeane began painting at 85…she says, “You’re never too old to learn.”

The article continues:

A spirited crowd listened to his remarks on how Ms. Ambrose’s journey inspires not just him but others in state government. Mixing bold color and intricate detail of surrounding landscapes, her work has been displayed prominently in the state capitol.
Witnessing the creativity of this woman who had never taken a class or painted before age 85 begged the question of what would others create if given the tools and opportunity?
Senator Anderson espoused that “across school districts, repayment of funds for existing arts programs could better serve children as they grow from even a small exposure to creative outlets.” He has witnessed them “become more well rounded and confident engaging with a nonprofit that provides instruments and other tools to low-income families” that would not otherwise have the opportunity.

The article concludes by noting that Jeane proves “there is no expiration date on talent, imagination or the ability to help a community to thrive.” A big thanks to Jeane and her fellow resident artists for inspiring their communities-at-large to support arts programs for all ages!



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