Celebrate! CALA’s Creative View Call for Submissions

You may have heard that CALA is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. We have lots of great events planned, but if you can’t wait for the fun to start, don’t worry! It seems like there is something to celebrate almost every day.

For instance, coming up in February, there’s plenty of food-related celebratory days, like Carrot Cake Day (2/3/15), Gumdrop Day (2/15/15), and Pistachio Day (2/26/15). There are also days to celebrate certain animals, like Polar Bear Day (2/27/15) and Marmot Day (2/2/15). Are you a big fan of your local meteorologist? Then there’s even a day for you: Weatherman Day (2/5/15)!

creative viewAs we prepare for our year-long celebration, we’d like to read about what you’re celebrating this day, this month, this year. Use the wacky celebrations found on as a starting point, or write about something more personal: a meaningful milestone in your life, or the birthday you got exactly what you wanted. Then, submit your stories,  memoirs, and poems to CALA’s Creative View or leave them in the comments below. You may be published in the next issue of CALA News & Views!


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