The Hearth’s 5 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Happy New Year to readers of The Hearth! Today, we’re counting down the five most popular posts of the year. Not surprisingly, these posts showcase how California’s Assisted Living communities are committed to connecting with the community-at-large, caring for their residents, and increasing knowledge and awareness about aging issues.

1. Glen Campbell, Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, Releases Final Song

Memory Care Innovations and Best PracticesIt’s not surprising that a story about this country music legend wound up at the top of the list this year. The touching story of Glen Campbell’s dedication to his music despite being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s resonated with many residents and family members. And his song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” gives a human face to the disease, one recognized by many fans around the world. We believe it will go a long way in raising awareness about Alzheimer’s.

2. Assemblymember Jose Medina Visits Raincross at Riverside

Assemblymember Jose Medina and Staff Visit Raincross at Riverside

One of many posts about legislators and local officials visiting member communities, this post is a great example of the relationships built through advocacy this year. Benefits of a visit like this include increasing understanding of the Assisted Living model of care, as well as connecting legislators with voters in their district. If you’d like to get involved, visit CALA’s Host Your Legislator webpage for tips on inviting your legislator to your community.

3. 2014 Assisted Living Advocacy Day/CALA’s 2014 Day in Your District

CALA Advocacy Day 2014 at the California State CapitolAlong with touring legislators at communities and educating the public about Assisted Living, these two annual events form the foundation of CALA’s successful Assisted Living advocacy efforts. During a legislative session that included an unprecedented 18 RCFE-focused bills, the attendees at these events helped to deliver a powerful message, ensuring the passage of positive legislation that strengthens the model of care.

4. Five Star Senior Living Welcomes Celebrity Chef to Its Dining Program

Farmers' Market fruits and vegetables

The popularity of this post points to two facets of Assisted Living that make it a unique part of the continuum of care: a focus on providing for the wants and needs of each individual—in part responsible for the impressive 93% resident satisfaction rate—and a focus on healthy habits to ensure quality of life at every age. It doesn’t hurt that Chef Brad Miller is a former contestant of the popular reality show, Hell’s Kitchen, either!

5. CiminoCare Brings Grade-schoolers and AL Residents Together for Art Expression Day

CiminoCare and ARTZ: Artists for Alzheimer's Intergenerational Art DayWhat makes you happy? This is a question each Assisted Living team member asks of their residents each day. It is also the question that inspired an intergenerational group of artists to create during CiminoCare’s Art Expression Day. And based on the art created, it can be said that what made the residents and students happy that day was spending time with each other. Life enrichment activities like this are what transform Assisted Living communities from a building to a true home.

We hope you enjoyed reading The Hearth in 2014 and that we can continue to provide you with valuable information on aging and Assisted Living in 2015. Happy New Year!


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