How to Give a Voice of Assisted Living Presentation

CALA’s Voice of Assisted Living tools were created to help CALA members educate community groups about Assisted Living and discuss key aging issues with local business, political, and opinion leaders. They can also help you create valuable connections with potential residents and their family members, and give you the tools you need to establish yourself as a leader in aging issues.

The Voice of Assisted Living / CALAWant to get involved? Here’s how:

  1. Think about your contacts in the local community. Are you a member of your area’s Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Elks Lodge, or similar group? Do you participate in your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter? Or, maybe you are active in an alumni association, nonprofit organization, or networking group.
  2. Volunteer as a speaker or presenter with these groups. Let them know that, as the state’s population ages, you can be an expert source on key aging issues.
  3. Choose what subject to speak about and download the speech and PowerPoint presentation CALA has prepared for you. Remember to keep your topic relevant to both the group you are addressing and your Assisted Living community.
  4. After completing your presentation, let us know how it went! We want our members to be successful in their educational and outreach efforts. If you have any suggestions about new presentation topics or tips for other CALA members, share those as well.

Topics Available in the Voice of Assisted Living Series:

The Voice of Assisted Living tools are a benefit of CALA membership. Not a member? Join today!


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