80 Years of Life in 4 Minutes

Earlier this month, we posted about the intergenerational program that brought together high school students and residents from Brookdale Place of San Marcos. As part of the project, the students created portraits of the residents they interviewed; one student notes that she will use a lively color palette to capture the fact that her “Brookdale buddy” is still young in spirit.

A similar aspect is captured in this video of a drawing which morphs from a baby to an older woman and then back to a baby in the span of only four minutes:

Throughout the changes—the elongation of the face as toddler becomes teenager, the wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes and mouth—the essence of the woman is still there. We can tell that its the same person, despite her age.

Do you have residents in your community whose individuality shines through? In what ways do you engage your residents to keep them young at heart?


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