Brookdale Place of San Marcos Residents Teach Students About History

What wisdom have you received from your residents or other older adults in your life? The stories shared by older generations can be an invaluable educational tool, as evidenced by an exciting intergenerational project. An NBC 4 News video reveals more about this innovative partnership between High Tech High North County and Brookdale Place of San Marcos.

Brookdale Place San Marcos residents teach high school students

A Brookdale Place of San Marcos resident is interviewed by a local high school student for the “Tuesdays with Story” history project. Image credit: NBC 4 Southern California

According to the video, the idea for the project came from the bestselling book Tuesdays with Morrie. Each “Tuesdays with Story,” history and language arts students walk to Brookdale Place of San Marcos to interview residents about their lives and their personal perspectives on historical moments. According to the students’ teacher, “Human beings are the most dynamic textbooks, and I think that students can learn so much more by having this personal connection with someone who lived through the history than simply reading about it.”

Brookdale San Marcos high school students collect stories from residents

A student works on her memory box, which she will present to her “Brookdale buddy” at the end of the project. Image credit: NBC 4 Southern California

Reporter Vikki Vargas notes that students learn an important lesson: everyone has a story. She adds, “The project goes even further. The students are sketching portraits and making memory boxes for their ‘Brookdale buddies.'” Students will present these keepsakes to their resident teachers in January, and the hope is that the connections made during this class will continue to grow in the future.

Do you have an innovative program or partnership like this at your community? We want to know! Submissions are now open for the 2015 Innovations in Quality Award.


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