2014 Innovations in Quality Award Recipients Announced

ALIQ-logoThis week, CALA also awarded two Assisted Living organizations the Innovations in Quality Award. CALA chooses recipients of these awards based on their commitment to employing creativity and innovation in their programming for residents and staff.

Casa de Flores: Seniors Saving Seniors resident volunteer program

SSS-3Casa de Flores is receiving this award for their innovative resident volunteer program known as Seniors Saving Seniors. The purpose of this program is to raise funds for the adoption of senior rescue animals at Woods Humane Society in Morro Bay. Residents volunteer their time by baking dog biscuits and selling them at local farmers’ markets and craft fairs. Through the sale of GrandPaw’s Cookies, Casa de Flores residents have raised more than $8000 in three years and paid for the adoption of 44 senior pets.MARCH 2014 019

The Seniors Saving Seniors program was developed by Activity Director Makena Ojeda, who says that the program has benefited residents as well as the rescue animals that have been adopted. “Seniors Saving Seniors has increased self-esteem, created a sense of community, and reminded residents that they are important contributors to a very worthy cause. They work toward achieving a common goal and celebrate together when animals are placed in forever homes.”

Belmont Village Senior Living: American Heroes, Portraits of Service outreach program

JOHN_JACKSON.HOLLYWOODBelmont Village is receiving this award for their innovative outreach program known as American Heroes, Portraits of Service. This program was created to honor assisted living residents who served in the military by creating photographic memorials for both a local and national audience. In 2008, Belmont Village approached photographer Thomas Sanders to create portraits of residents who are WWII veterans. To date, 486 portraits have been compiled from 19 Belmont Village communities. In 2010, a portion of the portraits were collected in The Last Good War, The Faces and Voices of World War II, which received national attention.

AH -reminderIn addition to national recognition, each Belmont Village community houses a permanent exhibit of their residents’ portraits, which cultivates remembrance and camaraderie. According to the daughter of a veteran resident, “My father never really shared much about his military service until he saw his portrait hanging on the wall. It was the recognition he needed to open up and share things he’d suppressed all this time.”

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Innovations in Quality Award! Your creativity and innovation are improving the daily lives of California’s Assisted Living employees and residents. Learn more about past recipients and how CALA members are pursuing innovation in care and quality.


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