Oak Tree Villa Hosts Assemblymember Mark Stone and Senator Bill Monning at Senior Scam Stopper Event

As pollsters and statisticians release their predictions for this year’s Election Day, it may be hard to see yourself as more than just a number. But an individual can have great political impact as a grassroots advocate, as CALA members who advocated for Assisted Living this year know well.

For instance, Tracy Freudendahl, Executive Director of Oak Tree Villa, and Ana Nuckles, Oak Tree’s Director of Sales & Marketing, met with Assemblymember Mark Stone’s staff during 2013’s Assisted Living Advocacy Day and Day in Your District. During those visits, Freudendahl and Nuckles took the opportunity to invite the Assemblymember to visit the community. At this year’s Day in Your District, Freudendahl met with a field representative for Senator Bill Monning. The very next week, the Senator participated in a “Senior Scam Stopper” event at Oak Tree Villa with Assemblymember Stone.

Assemblymember Mark Stone at Oak Tree Villa

Assemblymember Mark Stone meets residents of Oak Tree Villa during the “Senior Scam Stopper” event.

The Assemblymember shared this on his Facebook page:

I was proud to co-host a “Senior Scam Stopper” seminar yesterday with Senator Bill Monning and the Contractors State License Board at Oak Tree Villa in Scotts Valley. Expert panelists discussed the new scams that criminals use to prey on senior citizens. While technology has made our lives a lot easier, it has also created new opportunities for criminals to steal your hard-earned savings. I plan to hold more of these events throughout the 29th District in the near future because we need to raise awareness of this important issue before more innocent people fall victim to these scams.

Assemblymember Mark Stone at Oak Tree Villa

Assemblymember Stone discusses the issue of technologically-based scams with the audience.

According to Freudendahl, the event was organized by Nuckles to bring together residents and other members of the community-at-large to meet their legislators and discuss this important issue. The full house at the event proves that there’s a demand for more knowledge about issues like this, and that grassroots efforts can benefit our communities by giving us access to this knowledge.

Want to learn how you can get involved in grassroots advocacy for Assisted Living? Don’t miss the special Tuesday morning session at this year’s Fall Conference & Trade Show:

slider-14FC-2Get Your Grass in Gear! (Grassroots, That Is)

Tuesday, October 28, 7:30am

Whether you’re a “seasoned” advocate or new to the effort, you’ll come away with new tools to engage policymakers as well as the broader community. Start your day with colleagues who are committed to making a difference—and remember, as activist Anita Roddick says, “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to sleep with a mosquito.”



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