Dementia Care

Brain Health Experts Collaborate at Silverado Conference

The image of the solitary genius is an attractive one—a scientist like Albert Einstein, alone in a dusty office, working feverishly to solve a problem or create something new. But evidence shows that even Einstein relied on others from time to time.  It is the spirit of collaboration that leads to innovation because working with others exposes you to new ways of thinking about a problem. Or, as scientist, Bill Nye, puts it:

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.

It is this spirit of collaboration that brought a group of brain health experts together for the Silverado Medical Director Conference last month. According to a press release:

Each of the 50 attendees is a medical director affiliated with a Silverado memory care community or hospice office. Silverado, with 18 years of dedicated expertise in memory care, hosts the annual event to facilitate the exchange of ideas among this world-class team. Each medical director is invited to work with Silverado because of their passion for developing innovative approaches to care for those with memory loss. From award-winning physicians to researchers at the nation’s top universities, these experts add tremendous value to society’s understanding of brain health.
“It’s always exciting for us at Silverado to bring together the company’s top medical minds from throughout the country. This includes national and international leaders in neuroscience with an expertise in dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other memory impairing diseases, as well as physicians managing hospice care,” shares Silverado President and CEO Loren Shook. “The collective knowledge of this group over the years has led to numerous advancements in the care of those with memory impairments.”

Are you interested in meeting with experts in the field of dementia research and care? Register for the CALA Fall Conference & Trade Show, and mark your schedule to attend these innovation-rich sessions:


Renewing the Capacity of the Aging Brain

Monday, October 27, 10:30am

Examine the findings of a six-month non-pharmacological research trial aimed at improving prefrontal cortex function for individuals with dementia by incorporating exercises to improve residents’ memory and cognition, social interaction, and engagement—one that fosters person-centered care, supports resident independence and autonomy, and potentially reduces the cost of providing care.

New Directions: Opportunities and Challenges in Dementia Care

Tuesday, October 28, 3:45pm

Join a panel of seasoned veterans for an in-depth exploration of the direction dementia care is taking in the United States, to include current challenges, best practices and future opportunities. Walk away with helpful information to enhance staff training and development, as well as strategies to enhance person-centered care, address behavioral variants, and de-stigmatize dementia.

Keeping Up with Design Trends, Building Codes, and Technology

Wednesday, October 29, 10:30am

Are you familiar with the recent and evolving programming and design trends in Assisted Living and Memory Care? Explore current therapeutic and prosthetic design strategies for aging and how to design for physical and restorative therapy spaces to positively affect resident outcomes and quality of life. Examine how technological advancements that support resident well-being, increase connectivity, and improve resident competencies have impacted design.


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