Why You Should Apply for a Student Scholarship to CALA’s Conference & Trade Show

College students: Are you studying nursing, business, nutrition, physical science, marketing, social science, gerontology? Are you interested in becoming part of a growing field that draws from a wide variety of disciplines? Did you know that Assisted Living is responsible for 68,000 jobs in California…and that Assisted Living providers are looking for you?

CALA Student Scholarship ProgramCALA hopes to connect you, the next generation of Assisted Living leadership, with providers seeking to fill internship and employment positions. Apply for a scholarship to attend the 2014 Fall Conference & Trade Show in Pomona, CA. You’ll get the chance to:

  • Explore career possibilities within the Assisted Living profession
  • Meet face-to-face with representatives from leading companies in your area
  • Walk away with practical knowledge and information to give you a leg-up in your career pursuits

CALA 2014 Spring Conference & Trade Show EducationHere’s what previous scholarship recipients had to say:

I learned a wealth of knowledge from every session I sat in on. I also really enjoyed meeting and speaking with the current top professionals in this field.

I learned so much in just three short days. After this wonderful experience, I am convinced that I have found my niche.

I left the conference with an overwhelming desire to be one of the leaders who transforms the landscape of Assisted Living.

CALA 2014 Spring Conference & Trade Show Networking

The deadline to submit your application for this exciting opportunity is September 30th. Don’t wait…apply today!


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