Celebrate National Nurses Week 2014

National Nurses Week began yesterday with National RN Recognition Day and runs through Monday the 12th of May. This week is the perfect time to honor and celebrate nurses and to “let a nursing colleague know how much you appreciate their contributions and how they make a difference for others,” as Karen Daley, president of the American Nurses Association  (ANA), says in a video statement.

National Nurses Week 2014The ANA has many different ways to celebrate nurses in your community. Why not hold a celebratory reception for nurses in your community, or put on a health fair to hear the expertise that area nurses have to share with your residents? If you have residents who were RNs, invite them to speak about their experiences at a lecture or panel event. You can even create a bulletin board featuring historical information about nurses and the nursing profession.

And those that are interested in exploring the role of nurses in Assisted Living in greater depth should plan on attending the CALA Spring Conference & Trade Show. During Tuesday’s session, “Preventing the Exodus of Excellent Nurses,” you’ll hear from a panel of experienced Assisted Living nurses on the evolving role of the nurse director and strategies to maximize efficiency, enhance clinical performance, and decrease turnover. This is just one of the many high-quality educational sessions available during the event…register today!


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