Community Connections: Senator Ted Lieu and Mayor Bob Taylor visit Brookdale Senior Living Communities

CALA has long advocated inviting legislators and other elected officials to visit Assisted Living communities…by visiting, legislators have the chance to interact with their constituents, as well as gain a greater understanding of the benefits of Assisted Living. And residents and staff will feel connected to the political process when they meet their elected officials.

Community Connections California Assisted Living AssociationTwo CALA-member communities from Brookdale Senior Living recently had officials visit their communities. Earlier this year, Mayor Bob Taylor of Brentwood in northern California visited Cortona ParkAnd in southern California, Senator Ted Lieu visited Ocean House last month. Executive Ed Silva says, “Sen. Ted Lieu was here to meet our residents and discuss his candidacy for the upcoming open seat for Rep. Waxman. I was able to discuss our industry with him.” Silva also represented his community when he met with Senator Lieu’s office during Advocacy Day.

Senator Ted Lieu visits Ocean House Assisted Living

From left: Ocean House Executive Director Ed Silva and Senator Ted Lieu.

Thanks to both communities for making great strides to connect with community leaders and to foster strong, long-term relationships! If you’re a CALA member who would like to advocate for Assisted Living, visit CALA’s Advocacy in Action page.


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