2014 Assisted Living Advocacy Day

In a year when so many other voices are trying to speak for Assisted Living, CALA members rose to the occasion during Advocacy Day to make sure that lawmakers understood the real concerns and needs of providers and residents.

CALA Advocacy Day 2014 at the California State CapitolThe day began with an informative panel which examined the current attention on Assisted Living. PR expert Denise Davis, along with Julie Davis, Vice President of Strategic Communications for Brookdale Senior Living, and Erin Levi, CALA’s lobbyist, provided a broad context for what the profession is experiencing and got to specifics of how to talk to reporters, legislators, and other interested parties about issues such as staff training, resident care, and inspections.

CALA Advocacy Day 2014 panel

From left: CALA president Sally Michael, Erin Levi, Denise Davis, Julie Davis.

CALA members also learned about all of the RCFE-specific bills being considered this year by the legislature. Levi and Heather Harrison, CALA’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Public Affairs, briefed attendees on many of the bills and discussed the pros and cons.

CALA Advocacy Day 2014 legislation

Attendees learned about 18 RCFE-specific bills being considered this legislative session.

In addition, we honored two CALA members as 2013 Advocates of the Year. By participating in CALA’s advocacy efforts and hosting events at their communities, Bill Keck and Cheryl Martin successfully shared the true story of Assisted Living with their legislative offices and the general public during the past year.

CALA Advocacy Day 2014 Advocates of the Year

From left: Cheryl Martin, Executive Director, Lakeside Park; Bill Keck, Executive Director, Emeritus at Rancho Solano.

Close to 150 CALA members then converged upon the State Capitol to share the Assisted Living story with more than 85 legislative offices. That means we made connections with more than two-thirds of California’s assemblymembers and senators in just one day.


CALA Advocacy Day 2014 meeting with Assemblymember Stone

Attendees speak with Assemblymember Mark Stone during one of more than 85 legislative meetings.

Here’s what attendees had to say about the event:

I enjoyed the ability to meet with peers and share the experience of a common cause.
It’s a great way to be updated on the upcoming and ongoing issues that face Assisted Living.
I loved talking about the bills, how they will affect our residents, and how they will help us to take care of our residents.
It is amazing what a group of passionate people can get across.


CALA Advocacy Day 2014 attendees in front of Capitol

Thank you to all who attended and advocated on behalf of Assisted Living!

Thank you to the record-breaking number of attendees who made this Assisted Living Advocacy Day the most successful yet. You numbered many, and your personal commitment to advocating for Assisted Living certainly impressed!

CALA Advocacy Day 2014 seal of CaliforniaCALA members: if you want to continue to be an Assisted Living advocate, RSVP for Day in Your District, and learn about other ways to get involved.


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