Holiday Traditions in Assisted Living

The holidays are a time to gather with friends and loved ones, often around the dinner table. In addition to decorations and presents, the holidays are characterized by the scent of baking cookies, or the warmth that comes from a mug of hot apple cider. And, this time of year, many of us will be enjoying these delicious traditions with our families in Assisted Living communities.

visit loved ones in assisted living communities during the holidaysIn our Fall 2013 issue of CALA News & Views, we reported on ways in which some of our members open their dining room doors to families and communities, both physically and virtually. For instance, Sunrise Senior Living invites the general public to dine at their communities during their annual Taste of Sunrise event. And those who can’t make it to a meal can always read the Senior Eats blog. According to Tim Whelan, Vice President of Dining Services for Sunrise, the blog is “our way of letting the world know that we know food…heart-healthy, brain-healthy, antioxidant-rich, and most of all, enjoyable.”

Atria Senior Living gives a “Signature Sweet” to each family touring a community. According to Chad Welch, Director of Culinary Development for Atria, many of the signature baked goods are from Atria’s cookbook, A Dash and a Dollop. The cookbook collects treasured family recipes of Atria residents, and was the inspiration for Atria’s culinary YouTube channel. Through this channel, viewers can have, if not the taste, at least the visual dining experience. In one video, Welch bakes with resident Jeanette while her family watches. He says, “to see all three generations telling me how important these cookies were makes it so much more meaningful.”

Click here to read the entire article in News & Views Fall 2013: Resident Satisfaction, and try your hand at Whelan and Welch’s favorite recipes. What do you like best about visiting your loved on in their Assisted Living community? What are your favorite holiday foods?


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