Get Vaccinated During National Influenza Vaccination Week

Sure, it’s sometimes inconvenient, or even unpleasant, to get a flu shot. But, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you can infect loved ones with the flu before you even start exhibiting symptoms. If you’re visiting family and friends this holiday, especially those in high-risk groups such as adults over 65, show them you love them by getting vaccinated. This week is the CDC’s National Influenza Vaccination Week, the perfect time to get it done. Flu Infographic

Don’t know which type of vaccination to get? The available flu vaccines are:

  • Traditional or Trivalent Flu Shot: approved for everyone 6 months or older, administered via needle usually to the upper arm or thigh.
  • Intradermal Flu Shot: an alternative to the traditional flu shot using a much shorter and thinner needle, approved for everyone aged 18-64 years.
  • High-Dose Flu Shot: approved for use in adults age 65 years and older, administered via needle. This vaccine contains a higher concentration of vaccine and is intended to create a stronger immune response.
  • Flu Nasal Spray: approved for healthy, non-pregnant adults between the ages of 2 years and 49 years, administered nasally, via a spray mist.

Visit CALA’s previous blog post, What to Do to Prevent the Flu, for more tips on flu prevention and how to care for someone who becomes sick.


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