The Grandriders of Taiwan

Will you still dare to dream at 80? That’s the question asked by the documentary Go Grandriders. The film follows a group of seniors from Taiwan as they circle their country on motorcycles.

According to an article in the California Health Report, “The message of the film and the rides is exactly the same. The most essential component of healthy aging is simple – stay active.” The article notes that the Grandriders visited California this year. Describing the social, physical, and cultural affects of that ride, author Matt Perry says:

The inspirational story of 10 senior Taiwanese motorcyclists – the oldest a robust 94 – riding down California’s fabled Highway 1…provides an educational roadmap for staying vibrant and healthy.
Chin-Hua Kang, 86, visibly sparks to life when asked about the health benefits of riding a motorcycle: better muscle control, stronger concentration, and more life, he says via an interpreter.
Indeed, the thrill of motorcycle riding provides an explosion for the senses. The sky is bluer. The air is crisper. Smells are more pungent. Add the powerful camaraderie of riding together with fellow bikers and it’s no wonder so many riders – Taiwanese and American – choose this sport that ignites the mind, body and soul.

The Grandriders not only continue to dream at 80, but they have a pretty good time fulfilling their dreams as well. And they’re not the only ones; this year, residents from CALA-member communities showcased their thriving creativity in the California Inspires! art show. While the art show may be over, the virtual gallery is always open for a little more inspiration.


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