Daylight Savings a Great Time to Review CO Alarm Needs

This week, California “falls back” as we adjust our clocks for Daylight Savings. According to the Sacramento Bee, now is a great time to perform other seasonal chores, such as checking the batteries in smoke and CO alarms, as Sunday marks the start of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

Daylight Savings begins Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Get ready to “fall back” with Daylight Savings…

This year, new carbon monoxide alarm requirements for multi-family homes, including Assisted Living, went into effect. With the help of Public Policy Committee member Doug Pancake of Douglas Pancake Architects, CALA outlined CO alarm installation requirements for both existing buildings and new construction. Throughout the year, we provided our members with reminders to review these requirements and ensure compliance for the safety of residents.

CO Alarm Requirements for Assisted Living Communities

…and check the requirements for CO alarms in Assisted Living communities, too.

CALA members: as you change your clocks and check your alarm batteries, take a moment to review the CO alarm guidelines. If your Assisted Living community is not a member, but you’d like to receive timely information and reminders about new laws that directly affect you and your residents, join CALA today!


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