Community Connections: Assemblymember Mansoor Honors Resident’s 100th Birthday

How did you celebrate your birthday this year? A nice restaurant, maybe a piece of cake or other sweet treat? If it was a milestone birthday, you may have done something a little grander…a party or a trip, perhaps. But most of you probably didn’t have your Assemblymember in attendance.

Huntington Terrace 100th Birthday

Florence on her 100th Birthday at Huntington Terrace

Not true for Florence, a resident of Huntington Terrace. This summer, she celebrated her 100th birthday in high style. Assemblymember Allan Mansoor was in attendance, and he presented her with a certificate to mark the special occasion. Executive Director Bonnie Christie says, “It was lots of fun and the Assemblymember was a good sport—considering he had to follow a proclamation from President Obama!”

Assemblymember Mansoor at Huntington Terrace 100th birthday celebration

Assemblymember Mansoor presents Florence with a certificate at her 100th birthday celebration.

Happy 100th Birthday, Florence!

How do you celebrate birthdays at your community? What was the most memorable birthday present you received?


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