Meet the Board: Todd Shetter

Members and potential members look to the CALA Board of Directors for representation and leadership. To have a better vision of all that these Assisted Living leaders do for their companies and CALA members, we asked them a series of questions. Their answers illuminate their ideas on work, community, and caring for seniors, and show the breadth and variety of companies represented on the CALA Board of Directors. To celebrate these thoughtful, dedicated people working on our members’ behalf, we will feature weekly interviews with each board member, available here and on the CALA Board of Directors webpage.

Todd Shetter

Todd Shetter, ActivCare LivingTodd Shetter is the COO/Partner of ActivCare Living which specializes in residential memory care for those with dementia, with three current locations in California and two more additional sites under development.

1. Why do you work in Assisted Living?

It is a very personally rewarding sector of housing and health care. I take great pride and reward from seeing the direct positive impact our staff and communities have on the lives of families caring for loved ones with dementia.

2. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt, and why?

Restauranteur – I want to be Michel Augsburger when I grow up!

3. What are the most important things we should know about your company?

ActivCare Living (formerly Health Care Group), led by W. Major Chance, pioneered residential Alzheimer’s care in California by demonstrating the need and championing the legislation to allow a secured perimeter waiver in Assisted Living regulations. This allowed seniors to live in a residential setting and receive appropriate care, social programs, and the freedom to ambulate safely in a home-like setting that was not possible in skilled nursing facilities.

4. How would you describe your experience on the CALA board?

Rewarding and energizing. We have such a remarkable brain trust around the table that I feel honored to serve and benefit from the shared wisdom and collaboration we have nurtured over the years.

5. How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Engaged, Dedicated and Passionate about our mission of keeping Assisted Living a model for consumer choice.

6. What advice was given to you that you feel elevated your performance in life?

“Don’t worry about the things you have no control of.” Advice from a 107-year-old resident at one of our communities in Vista, California.

7. If you could bring three items with you to a deserted island, what would you pack?

Stand up paddleboard, my wife, and sunscreen.


One thought on “Meet the Board: Todd Shetter

  1. I was very interested to read about Todd’s experiences on the CALA board and also find out a little more about him personally. Obviously, I was honored/shocked to find out he wants to be me when he grows up. Todd, I admit I have been very fortunate and the Bistro is fun. I invite you to come and visit and dine and hang around for a few days. We could have some fun together. I appreciate your leadership on the CALA BOD.

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