Your Best Moment: CALA’s Creative View Call for Submissions

Earlier this year, Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch asked his Twitter followers: “How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life?” People responded in droves, tweeting pics of their wedding days, children’s birthdays, homecomings, and quiet moments with family members. Many of the tweets can be seen on Huffington Post, PetaPixel, and Mashable.

Richard Deitsch Tweet, Twitter, PetaPixel

The tweet that started it all. Image Credit: PetaPixel/Richard Deitsch Twitter Account

I don’t have a photo of my best moment…the moment I adopted my dog, George…but I remember it very clearly. I was unsure because I had never owned a pet before. Would I be a good caregiver? Could I get past the mess and expense that comes with a dog? He was a chow mix with long hair, advertised as an “escape artist.” I thought I wanted a short-haired, smaller dog, something a first-timer like myself could handle easier. But something in his face told me that it would be OK, so I took the plunge. When I opened the car door and he hopped in as if he had been my dog all along, I knew I had made the right decision.

The author and her dog, George.

The author and her dog, George. Not the “best moment,” but a pretty good one.

Whether you have a photo of your best moment or not, you can still preserve the memory by writing about it. Think back to when you felt most triumphant, brave, in love, alive, at peace…capture that memory and feeling in a poem or short story, then submit it to CALA’s Creative View. Thank you for sharing your best moments with us!


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