Promote Your Activities Programs During Active Aging Week and Fall Prevention Awareness Day

Assisted Living Week may be over, but you can still plan special events to raise awareness about your communities with the general public. Active Aging Week, coordinated by the International Council on Active Aging, begins this Sunday, which also happens to be the National Council on Aging’s Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Assisted Living providers know that exercise and healthy activities provided in their communities can help reduce falls and contribute to a higher level of engagement and quality of life. This week, from September 22-28, is a great time to communicate those benefits with your community-at-large.

Active Aging Week 2013 / International Council on Active AgingThe National Council on Aging says that the number one way to reduce falls is to “find a good balance and exercise program…to build balance, strength, and flexibility.” And according to the International Council on Active Aging:

Active Aging Week is a stage in the media spotlight – an opportunity to promote and publicize the efforts of motivated organizations to reach older adults with the key messages of staying active, healthy and engaged.
Well over 3,000 organizations support Active Aging Week ever year by presenting activities and exercise ranging from dances to t’ai chi to activities at health fairs or talks at seminar halls – making the point that life’s full measure of enjoyment is available to everyone, regardless of age.
Merrill Gardens MG Achieve program / Innovations in Quality Award / CALA

Merrill Gardens residents participating in an exercise program, part of the MG Achieve program which won the 2013 Innovations in Quality Award.

Need some ideas for raising awareness during these events? Why not open your next exercise class to the public, so that they can experience the benefits of your community’s activities program? Or how about organizing a nature walk with residents and family members this week? How are you participating in Active Aging Week?


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