Assemblymembers Visit Paradise Village and Inn at the Park

Spring in California, with its pleasant weather and gardens in bloom, is the perfect time to build and strengthen relationships with legislators. Two CALA communities hosted their Assemblymembers this spring, and the visits were enjoyable and productive for all.

Community Connections California Assisted Living AssociationA newly elected member, Assemblymember Shirley Weber has made it a priority to get to know her constituents, including those that live in Assisted Living. Her office requested a visit with one of the CALA-member communities in her district, and Paradise Village Retirement Community was happy to oblige. According to Laura Runkle, Paradise Village’s director of marketing and public relations, the tour was a great success. They toured the entire community, and Runkle says that the Assemblymember even knew several people they met along the way. According to Runkle, “It was a wonderful opportunity! Thank you for having her meet with us. It was a delightful visit!”

Assemblymember Allan Mansoor’s visit grew out of a connection made during CALA’s Assisted Living Advocacy Day. After meeting with CALA members at the State Capitol, Mansoor’s office expressed interest in getting to know more about communities in the district, so Executive Director Paul Gozon invited the Assemblymember to Inn at the Park. Gozon says that Assemblymember Mansoor met with about 60 residents and gave them an update on pending legislation and the state budget. According to Gozon, “He also had a brief Q&A with residents, and I provided him information about Assisted Living and that the services we provide. Assemblymember Mansoor had a great visit.”

If you’d like to invite a legislator to tour your community, we can help. View these tips to sending an invitation and contact CALA policy staff for help with the details. Together, we can continue to build community connections.


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