A Wealth of Ways to Explore Aging Issues

Sometimes things are so synchronous that they make you feel a sense of joy. It’s the opposite of that Alanis Morissette song: the advice and insight you’re looking for arrives from many different sources at once.

2013 CALA Spring Conference & Trade ShowA synchronicity is happening between the CALA Spring Conference & Trade Show, held this year in Santa Clara, and the Legacy Film Festival on Aging in San Francisco. Both are in the Bay Area, during the same week–the Spring Conference & Trade Show is June 3rd through the 5th, the film festival is the 7th through the 9th–and both examine similar subject areas, one through film, and one through high-quality education.

Held at the San Francisco State University campus, the Legacy Film Festival seeks to “present films that inspire, educate and entertain intergenerational audiences about the issues surrounding aging.” According to the festival website, as the population continues to age, questions about living well while living longer will become paramount. According to the website, “how to live later life meaningfully is the subject of the festival, with unique portrayals of adventurous and courageous people.” The films include Oscar-nominated documentaries, live-action shorts, and  even animated films.

Legacy Film Festival on Aging 2013

The festival’s schedule is structured around themes, such as “memory,” “physicality,” and “housing choices as we age,” similar subjects that will be examined in sessions at the CALA Spring Conference & Trade Show. If you’re interested in the subject of senior housing, for instance, you can attend conference sessions early in the week such as “Modest Design Modifications for Residents with MCI” and “The Truth Behind Resident Priorities,” then attend the film festival on Friday night to view the films “Being Old and Active,” which explores communal living for older people in the Netherlands, and “Kings Point,” the Academy-Award nominated short documentary about a retirement community in Florida.

Interested in memory care? CALA’s Spring Conference & Trade Show has a dementia-specific session during each time block on Tuesday and Wednesday, including classes such as “Help and Hope in Alzheimer’s Care and Science” and “Beyond Ativan – Behavioral Interventions to Address Agitation.” Then, you can attend the Sunday afternoon session at the Legacy Film Festival to see the films “The Sum Total of Our Memory,” which centers on couples in which one partner has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and “Henry,” an Oscar-nominated short about a concert pianist searching for his wife.

You can explore the physicality of aging at both events, as well. Attend the sessions “Movement with Meaning – The Mind/Body Connection” and “Marketing Meets Yoga – Physical and Fiscal Benefits” at the CALA Conference & Trade Show. You can even attend morning yoga classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, free for attendees. Then, move on over to the SFSU campus for the Saturday afternoon film session and watch short films about seniors doing everything from synchronized swimming and rollerblading to urban biking and Tai Chi.

Register today for the Spring Conference & Trade Show to experience these, and other, quality educational sessions. And learn more about the Legacy Film Festival on Aging. No matter what aging issues you’re interested in exploring, you’re sure to find them at the Conference & Trade Show, the film festival, or both.


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