Oscar Nominee Emmanuelle Riva to Celebrate her 86th Birthday

Hollywood’s biggest night is here–the 85th Academy Awards, airing this Sunday, is considered the finale of film awards season, and the movie industry’s biggest and best are ready to celebrate.

One nominee will be celebrating regardless of whether she wins. Emmanuelle Riva, nominated for best actress for her performance in Amour, will celebrate her 86th birthday on Oscar night. That makes her the oldest nominee for best actress in Academy Awards’ history…and on Sunday, she may become the oldest winner.

Emmanuelle Riva, Amour

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

On the performance of Riva and her co-star, the 82-year-old Jean-Louis Trintignant, Los Angeles Times reviewer Kenneth Turan says, “watching them act here, seeing how a lifetime’s worth of craft informs their ability to convey so much without seeming to be doing anything at all, is a revelation.”

The film, itself nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Picture, documents the relationship between Georges (Trintignant) and Anne (Riva) as she succumbs to a series of strokes and he struggles to be both husband and caregiver. According to Turan, “the key focus of “Amour” is on the enduring love between this couple — or, as the writer-director [Michael Haneke] has said, “how we cope with the suffering of someone we love very deeply.”

If you have seen Amour, what did you think about the film and Riva’s performance? Do you have any Oscar winners or nominees living in your community?


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