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Vintage Cerritos Falcons Are Named California’s Wii Bowling State Champions!

The theme for 2012’s Older Americans Month, “Never Too Old to Play,” has been proven true by the Vintage Cerritos Falcons:

Vintage Cerritos, a member of Vintage Senior Living’s family of vibrant retirement communities in California and Washington, welcomed its victorious “Cerritos Falcons” who won the National Senior League’s (NSL) 2012 Wii Bowling California State Championship. Under the leadership of 95-year-old Team Captain Bill Burd, the team earned two titles: 2012 Elite Division Wii Bowling California State Champions and NSL Western Regional Finalist.

“This significant win marks the end of a long journey that included an entire year of practice,” said Burd, a resident at Vintage Cerritos. “Bringing home the first place trophy was important for us old-timers who still believe one is never too old to compete and have fun.”

The Cerritos Falcons battled the South Bay Blasters from Front Porch Community in San Diego at Vintage Westwood Horizons in Los Angeles. Surrounded by cheering fans, the eight-member teams played two games resulting in the following scores: Game one: Falcons- 879, Blasters- 653 and game two: Falcons- 830, Blasters- 583. This year, Vintage Senior Living had eleven teams participating in the NSL western regional tournaments.

Source: Vintage Senior Living

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